How to send Whatsapp messages without saving number in contact list


Before sending message or chat to anyone on WhatsApp, the person’s contact has to be saved in his phone book. However many users do not want to save their phone number to send only one-two WhatsApp messages. But you can easily solve this problem.

The first is the use of third-party apps, but they can put the security of your phone in danger. Not only can they attack the OS of your phone but also affect the performance of your phone. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from such finishing apps.

In such a way, you can try this other easy way to send someone a Whatsapp message without saving anyone’s phone number.we can send WhatsApp message using API.

Send Whatsapp messages without saving the number In 3 Steps.

  1.   Open the browser that you use in the phone and type this link in the Address bar-

  2. Now type the phone number of the person you want to send Whatsapp messages to in the “number” place in this link. The phone number must have a country code.
  3. Now pressing the Enter button opens the Whatsapp window, in which you will be asked for a confirmation to send a message to that number.

it is the easiest way to send a WhatsApp message without saving a number in the contact list.

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