Kerala authorities warn & alert people living near Parambikulam dam after mechanical failure of one of its shutters

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The authorities in Kerala have warned people living along the downstream areas of the Parambikulam dam and the banks of the Chalakkudy river to remain alert as excess water is being released from the dam following the mechanical failure of one of its shutters.

About 20,000 cusecs of water are now being released from the dam. Official sources said the mechanical failure was noticed around 2 am. Water released from Parambikulam reaches the Peringalkuthu dam in Thrissur district, from where it flows into the Chalakkudy river.

Authorities have begun to evacuate tribals living close to the Parambikulam dam as a precautionary measure. Parambikulam dam, although situated in Kerala’s Palakkad district, is operated by Tamil Nadu. Authorities of the two states have launched efforts to rectify the mechanical failure.