Number of domestic travellers doubled in the country in last eight years

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Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has said that the number of domestic travellers have doubled in the last eight years in the country. Speaking at the 49th National Management Convention in New Delhi, Mr Scindia said, in 2013-14 the total number of domestic travellers was 73 million which has increased to 144 million.

He said, today people want to travel on the most economical mode in the shortest period of time. Mr Scindia said, the number of airports has also increased from 74 to 141 in the last eight years.

The Minister said, government is looking at smaller airports to provide last mile connectivity. He also said, government has also brought in a New Helicopter Policy.

Mr Scindia said, helicopter service is also included in UDAN Scheme to provide last mile connectivity.