Uttar Pradesh legislature Monsoon session to start today

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The Monsoon session of both the houses of the Uttar Pradesh legislature will start today. First time Legislative Assembly will have a day reserved for women members during the monsoon session on 22nd September. Assembly speaker Satish Mahana said that after question hour on 22nd September, the session will be reserved for women representatives for discussion on their issues which will be a unique step taken in any assembly in country.

The decision to reserve a day for women members has been taken in view of complaints that women MLAs do not get appropriate opportunity to speak in the house. Yesterday, the Speaker of the UP Legislative Assembly Satish Mahana chaired an all-party meeting and asked the co-operation from the floor leaders of the parties in the smooth functioning of the house.

Both the major stakeholders in the UP legislature, the BJP and the Samajwadi Party organised their own party meeting to decide on the strategy for the Monsoon session. This session is scheduled to commence till 23 of this month.